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28 September 2022

Windows 11 is receiving a rollout of its new 22H2 update, and there’s a number of new accessibility features relating to voice navigation, live captioning and Narrator screen reader improvements including more natural sounding voices.

New features and updates for Windows 11 version 22H2 include:

  • System-wide live captions – Allows for live captioning of any audio source in Windows.
  • Voice access – Improved voice control to help people with mobility issues.
  • More natural voice Narrator – 3 new narrators: Aria, Guy and Jenny, with more natural sounding voices.
  • Focus Sessions – An advanced form of ‘Do not Disturb’ function that reduces distractions.

While the new features present significant improvements, especially the inclusion of voice access for people with a mobility impairment; a good microphone and some practice will be required to get Windows to recognise  voice input.  In addition, the new voices in Narrator are primarily US voices with other languages and accents yet to be added.

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