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Accessibility is not a feature; it is a social movement.


What you need to know about accessible design


How do I check ​​​​​​​if my work is accessible?


Improve the accessibility of your content

Accessibility Audits

An accessibility audit is a professional evaluation of how well your website and digital items meet the needs of people with disability. Auditing can be performed on websites, apps and documents.

Accessibility Audits

Audio Descriptions

Audio descriptions are an additional narration track in videos that describes the scenes and actions for blind and visually impaired people.

Audio Descriptions

Disability Awareness Training

For organisations interested in enhancing accessibility to participants and clients with disability.

Disability Awareness Training

DAIP Reviews

Assistance to develop, implement, monitor or review your Disability And Inclusion Plans (DAIP).

DAIP Reviews


Be recognised and rewarded for your good work

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This category acknowledges desktop versions of websites that have incorporated accessibility. Awarded to sites that champion WCAG 2.0 web standards.

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This category honours the best mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone that have been designed and developed with accessibility in mind.

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This category acknowledges innovation in digital technology. Awarded to applicants that explore the boundaries of what is possible in web while complying with WCAG 2.0.


What’s been happening?

Three small, rocky islands projecting from the ocean, with a light purple haze
Escaping the web accessibility island

Dr. Scott Hollier
Reading time: 8 minutes

It’s a common story – you are a passionate accessibility advocate, trying to do your bit in an organisation that doesn’t seem…
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Audience of 140+ people attending the Centre for Accessibility launch
Centre for Accessibility Launch

The Centre for Accessibility was launched at the DADAA Fremantle Hub yesterday by the Honourable Stephen Dawson, Minister for Disability Services and Environment. The audience was treated to screen reader…
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Artistic Director Jodee Mundy's Imagined Touch, 2016. Photo by Jeff Busby.
The future of aesthetic use of access in art

Access is not only something for presenters to address. As successful works are created and mounted by diverse artists, it’s also become an integral part of creative practice. In many examples, stories told with access at the forefront creates work that all people can enjoy, and is not aimed specifically at able-bodied audiences.
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Microsoft's adaptive game controller
Microsoft launches adaptive game controller

Microsoft has announced its upcoming release of a game controller designed specifically for people with disabilities. The Adaptive Controller for Xbox can be connected to external buttons, switches, joysticks and mounts, giving players with a wide range of physical disabilities the ability to customise their setups.
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The Centre for Accessibility is a joint project by Media on Mars, DADAA and Dr Scott Hollier and is funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services.

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