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Content Accessibility for Marketing and Communications

CFA Australia can support you in ensuring accessible marketing and communications content for everyone.

We offer assistance with marketing and communications content for when you want to share accessible information and resources.

We understand that the key to effective marketing and communications is accessible messaging.

Email Accessibility

Emails play a pivotal role in effective engagement with various audiences, whether it be people within your organisation or outside of it. CFA Australia can ensure that your emails and emailing processes are accessible by providing appropriate reviews and feedback, alongside a best-platform advice for your marketing and communication needs.

Social Media Accessibility

The importance of social media’s reach cannot be understated, but this message can often be lost due to accessibility issues with social media platforms. In line with this, CFA Australia can provide appropriate guidance to meeting digital accessibility standards based on WCAG 2.2 to ensure that all content posted on social media platforms such as: Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and other relevant social media outlets are made accessible to all.