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Accessibility Consulting

The CFA Australia can support you in creating and developing accessible content from the ground up.

We offer assistance and consultation services for when you want to start developing accessible information and resources.

New Website and App Development

The CFA Australia, in conjunction with our industry partner Media On Mars, can build accessible websites and apps. From small to large-scale online projects, we ensure compliance to accessibility standards all the way through the development process. If you would like some examples of accessible websites, please contact us.

Media Captioning

The CFA can provide broadcast-quality captioning services based on W3C requirements.

Consultancy and Support

The digital access journey is much easier if you can get critical disability-led advice along the way. There is two hours/month of support included in our Membership Model. If you have a specific project that will require ongoing support, you may wish to purchase a block of consultancy hours. This is so you can easily get advice as soon as it is needed. You can also have a CFA Australia staff member embedded in your organisation to provide instant accessibility advice.


A core part of our CFA Australia mission is to undertake research to identify the current status of digital accessibility across different industries. If you are interested in undertaking research in the digital access space and would like to consider the CFA Australia as a partner organisation, please get in touch.

Why choose us?


The CFA Australia is a disability-led not-for-profit organisation.

Support people with disability

Your work will support the ongoing employment and upskilling of people with disability.


Our training is available Australia-wide. For a flat fee you can have as many people in a room (or in an online meeting room) as you need.

We can fix it

Our assessments can not only identify accessibility issues but provide you with the ability to have the issues remediated on your website’s apps, documents and videos.

Workplace assessments

In addition to traditional website and app assessments, we also provide Digital Accessibility Workplace Assessments that can assess your needs from a whole-of-organisation perspective.

Do you have a specific request?

Please contact us to discuss your project.

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