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14 September 2022

Google has recently announced some updates for Android devices that will be rolling out shortly. Included in the updates are new accessibility tools to enhance the sound alerts and audio descriptions to assist people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Some of the new features in the update include:

  • In Google Meet, you can now use multi-pinning to adjust your screen and stay focused on the folks you choose.
  • Improved sound notification that was designed in conjunction with the deaf and hard of hearing community.
  • More personalisation options.
  • Better sharing options across Android devices.
  • New emojis to help express yourself.

For more information, read Steven Aquino’s article: ‘Google Announces Accessibility Updates That Help Disabled People “Get More Done And Have Fun”’.

Find out more at Google’s blog post: ‘Get more done and have fun with new Android features’.