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Linux Initiative Seeks to Improve Accessibility of Graphical Interface.

21st February 2024

An innovative initiative is underway to revolutionise accessibility in free software platforms. Spearheaded by a collaborative effort, this next-generation accessibility architecture aims to address critical challenges and advance the state of accessibility technology.


Dark Atlas Infernum to Introduce New Accessibility Features.

15th February 2024

Publisher SelectaPlay has announced plans to incorporate enhanced accessibility features in the upcoming release of Dark Atlas Infernum, developed by Night Council Studio. Scheduled for global publishing on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as…

TikTok Boosts Accessibility with New Text Size Options.

8th February 2024

TikTok, is currently enhancing accessibility for its users with the rollout of adjustable text size options. Introduced late January, this feature allows users to customise the display size of system text within the app, catering…

Apple Podcasts Introduces Transcripts.

8th February 2024

Apple recently announced a new update set to revolutionise the podcasting landscape: the integration of auto-generated transcripts into Apple Podcasts, slated to debut with iOS 17.4.

Traditionally, podcasts, being an audio-centric medium…