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Why does my organisation need digital access?

A brief summary of digital access and how to address it, plus some policies and legal precedents.


How will people with disability engage with my content?

An introduction to assistive technologies used by people with disability, and some common access issues.


How does digital access apply to my role?

Tips for addressing digital access across different organisational roles, documents, and social media.


What is the WCAG Standard?

We provide a summary of WCAG and an overview of the principles, guidelines and success criteria.


How do I achieve the WCAG Standard?

Establish a plan for your approach, then work through these success criteria for WCAG compliance.


How do I check ​​​​​​​if my work is accessible?

Steps for checking, evaluating and assessing the accessibility of your online content.

The Centre For Accessibility Australia is a joint project by Media on Mars, DADAA and Dr Scott Hollier and is funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services.

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