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28 September 2023

An image of the RAZ accessible mobile phone, with buttons.

RAZ Mobility, a provider of mobile assistive technology, has introduced the SmartVision 3, a Google-certified smartphone designed specifically for individuals who are blind or with low vision. This smartphone stands out for its innovative feature that enables users to control all aspects of the phone using a tactile keypad instead of touch screen gestures, greatly improving the user experience for those reliant on built-in screen readers.

Based on a 2021 study, over 7 million Americans live with uncorrectable vision loss, including more than 1 million who are blind. The SmartVision 3 is uniquely engineered to cater to this community.

SmartVision 3 key features include:

– Full accessibility for individuals with no sight at all

– Control of the smartphone screen reader through tactile buttons or touchscreen gestures

– Keypad for making calls, sending texts and more

– A dedicated button for easy access to the Google Assistant and voice commands

– Pre-installed apps for recognising banknotes, detecting colours and light, and magnifying things

– NFC tags for recognising objects or performing actions

– Compatibility with various apps from Google Play

– Custom-built wireless charger designed for individuals with vision loss

Nermin Selimic, COO of RAZ Mobility, emphasised that allowing users who are blind or with low vision to control their smartphones with a tactile keypad and dedicated voice command button, represents a significant advancement in inclusive design and accessibility.

RAZ Mobility exclusively distributes the SmartVision 3 in the US, making it available to consumers, state government agencies, blind rehabilitation centres, medical centres of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, non-profit organisations, and for-profit companies.

For more information, please read the razmobility article on the accessibility of the SmartVision 3.