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14 March 2024

Image is of the Infinity Glove.

Two recent graduates from Lebanon have recently unveiled a glove capable of translating sign language into spoken words.

Dubbed the “Infinity Glove,” the inventors, Samir Elias and Wassim Omran have described the functionality as a gesture translator. The user wears the glove and signs their message, which is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone application. The app provides translation options in various languages and allows for custom gestures to be programmed, catering to individual preferences.

Despite the bulky nature of the prototype, consisting of chips and computer components, Elias and Omran are already working on a more comfortable and streamlined design. They envision future iterations of the technology in forms as compact as smartwatches or rings, prioritising user comfort and accessibility.

Acknowledging the widespread need for assistive communication technologies, Elias and Omran highlight the potential market for Infinity Glove beyond the deaf community, including individuals with a speech disability.

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