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12 March 2024

An image of a blind man wearing a red jumper, with a cane and guide dog, seated in a garden. Beside that image are two smart phones.

Envision, an assistive technology specialist, has partnered with BlindShell, a developer of phones tailored for individuals who are blind or with low vision, to integrate the Envision App into the BlindShell Classic 2 phone.

This collaboration aims to broaden access to essential assistive technology for the disability community. The Envision App, available for free, utilises a smartphone camera to audibly convey written information, describe surroundings and objects, and identify nearby individuals. It excels in text and object recognition, supporting over 60 languages.

Karthik Mahadevan, CEO of Envision, expressed their commitment to making the app universally accessible, stating, “This partnership reflects our mission to ensure that the blind and low vision community can utilise our services on any device, including the BlindShell phone.”

The BlindShell Classic 2 phone features tactile keypads, voice control, Near-Field Communication object tagging, and access to apps on the Blindness catalogue. Designed collaboratively with individuals who are blind or with low vision, its simplicity and functionality aim to enhance user experience.

To access the features of the Envision App on the BlindShell Classic 2, users are encouraged to update their phone’s software to download the latest version of the app.

For more information, read AT Today’s article on Envision and Blindshell’s collaboration.