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15 March 2024

Image is of a middle aged woman who is a wheelchair user, sitting in a home environment, on a laptop. The text says New Accessibility Feature.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has recently unveiled an accessible update, benefitting users who are blind and with low vision. This new function – Read Aloud – assists users by having written responses read out by ChatGPT.

Previously ChatGPT solely utilised voice chat for accessibility, where users could engage verbally. Read Aloud however, is a text-based communication method, while still allowing users to have the option of audibly hearing responses. This mode can be initiated by tapping and holding messages on the app, or, on desktop web mode, clicking the indicated Read Aloud button. Supporting 37 languages, ChatGPT automatically adapts to the language based on the generated text.

Available across ChatGPT’s Android and iOS apps, as well as on desktop mode, this update is available now. To find out more, read Gatdget360’s article on ChatGPT’s latest accessibility update.