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10 February 2023

Indian based AssisTech Foundation (ATF), with their nation’s first Assistive Technology Start-Up Acceleration Program: ATF Enable Acceleration Program Cohort 5, have announced their portfolio.

The portfolio, of digital technology start-ups, is particularly diverse, covering all areas of disability including but not limited to visual, speech and cognitive. ATF has also announced that they are not only metro based but spread throughout cities.

The list of winners is:

Backyard Creators Pvt. Ltd.

Backyard Creators are creating a world first with a non-surgical hearing device without the need for hearing implant surgeries.

Dextroware Devices

Dextroware Devices is in development of a head mouse for people with upper-limb disability, to control smart devices.

H Vision & Innovations LLP

Vision has invented a wallet, allowing people who are blind to determine if currency notes are authentic or fraudulent.

Kidaura Innovations Pvt Ltd

Kidaura are developing a digital game-based screening tool for children with Autism.

Learn and Empower Pvt Ltd

They are developing a game-based teaching and assessment platform that enables children in the deaf community to understand classroom learning, as well as enabling educators.

NEMA Artificial Intelligence Pvt Ltd.

NEMA is a special education platform specialising in learning content.

Ripple Healthcare Pvt Ltd

They are in developments of a smart wearable device, protecting the elderly from fall-induced hip injuries.

Punarjeeva Technology Solutions

They develop rehabilitation through gamified physiotherapy.

Robo Bionics

They are a company with focus of rehabilitation of hand related issues, be they amputation, nerve damage, paralysis, etc.


Vifr utilises VR to train and educate young adults who are neurodiverse.

ATF welcomes all the new startups and continues to work towards the evolution of Assistive Technology.

For more detailed information about each startup, refer to IndianWeb2 Desk’s article on ATF’s 10 new startups.