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16 February 2023

With the upcoming release of Android 14 set for August or September later this year, the first Developer preview has arrived, with a months long testing phase. This gives users ample opportunity to see what is new in Android ahead of the release.

And what is new is a set of accessible features.

The first improvement will make life that bit more accessible for those who need to enlarge the font on their devices. Android 14 now supports font sizes up to 200% (previously it has been 130%). In addition to this function, it is also non-linear – meaning that text won’t be blown up too large.

Another feature available will be useful for those with hearing aids, making it much easier to set up in Android 14. Under the Accessibility options is a dedicated Setting page for hearing devices. Users can set up a shortcut directly to the Hearing devices page, with the ability to easily adjust their settings later. A togglable compatibility setting can also be enabled, in case there are issues with devices with the new Android version.

Screenshot of Hearing device set up page. Black back ground with white lettering, links include Pair new Device, Hearing Device Shortcut and Hearing aid compatibility

To try out Google’s latest software, users can get started by installing Android 14 Developer Preview 1 on a compatible Google Pixel phone.

To find out more about Android 14, refer to the Yahoo! Lifestyle’s article on the accessibility features.