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9 May 2023

The Centre for Accessibility Australia wishes to congratulate The University of Queensland’s Dr Sarah Wallace and the team of researchers at UQ’s Queensland Aphasia Research Centre for acquiring a Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant of half a million dollars to conduct research over the next two years. The project – Bridging the Digital Divide: Building Health Self-Efficacy through Communication-Accessible Online Environments will have vital impact on people with communication disability, particularly stroke survivors who have aphasia. Due to many essential health and support services being primarily available over the internet, this is now a barrier for many people with disability. This project will involve developing technology, training and guidelines, to overcome this barrier.

Organisations partnering with this research include Services Australia, National Disability Insurance Agency, Australian Aphasia Association, Stroke Foundation, Australian Network on Disability and Centre for Accessibility Australia.

We at CFA Australia are excited about this project and are grateful to be a part of it.