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10 May 2023

Image of two women, one in a red jumper, the other pointing to a computer.

The Centre for Accessibility Australia wishes to offer the Sisters of Charity Foundation our sincere thanks, for awarding us with their community grant. With their generosity we are able to continue our efforts in ensuring and advocating for digital accessibility, and now have 8 workstations to effectively support people with disability.

Through this grant we were able to purchase $15,000 worth of IT equipment, including Microsoft Surface Laptops, iPads and Android Tablets.

An image of three people, two women and a man, at their workstation, where they are working on a tablet and laptops. The woman closest to view is pointing to the headset she is wearing.

This funding will help us continue our work advocating for digital accessibility, particularly with our Helpdesk services, aimed to support people with disability, their families and carers, free of charge, who are finding it difficult to access content online.

CFA Australia CEO, Dr. Scott Hollier, wishes to thank the Sisters of Charity Foundation. “We are a disability led and disability run not-for-profit, and we appreciate this funding which will continue our work to advocate for people with disability.”

Image of two computers at a workstation.