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11 July 2022

Third Sector Life’s Turning obstacles into opportunities for growth seminar will be held in September.  This two-day conference will focus on Not-for-Profit organisations and Charities around Australia.  The aim of the seminar is sharing strategies in an already oversaturated market while keeping true to organisation goals and missions.  Dr Scott Hollier, from Centre for Accessibility Australia Ltd, will be speaking as part in a round table discussion, on digital accessibility.


  • Conference Registration: Thursday 1st September – Friday 2nd September 2022
  • Registration and Welcome to country by Gadigal Elder Thursday 1st September 2022
  • Panel discussion and Case studies on both days
  • Third Sector Awards Friday 2nd September 2022

Speakers include:

  • Toni Bresnahan CEO and Founder of Bresnahan Footprint Foundation – Opening remarks
  • Lyn Morgain CEO Oxfam Australia – Examining the responsibilities of the Third Sector in building an inclusive and expansive social movement
  • Phil Usher CEO First Nation Foundation – Navigating the influence executive teams can have on the success and failure of an organisation
  • Dr Scott Hollier CEO Centre for Accessibility Australia Ltd. – How to make digital access work to grow your organisation
  • Brenda Gaddi Founder and Managing Director of Women of Colour Australia – Re-imagining and re-creating the existing enterprise

Full information for the Conference can be found on the Third Sector Live web site.  Pricing options available upon registration.

Those wishing to register can do so here : Check out more about the Third Sector Live event – .  By Clicking on the registration link (the last along the top of the page), it will come up with a “CAPTURE” Security checker first, which will need to be completed before registration can begin.

Found out about the Third Sector Awards