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8 July 2022

Barbie Fashionista #187 wears a hot pink hearing aid tucked behind one ear. This latest release in the Barbie Fashionista line is in addition to dolls with prosthetic legs, vitiligo, and wheelchairs. With Barbie highlighting the importance toys can have on a child, especially those that reflect themselves and the world around them.

Toy company, Mattel, released a doll in 2020 from their American Girl line that featured a hearing aid. The designers of both dolls specifically chose behind-the-ear hearing aids as these are the type most worn by children.

Since the announcement of Barbie Fashionista #187, the company has seen an overwhelming amount of online support across the board to see such an iconic doll look like children with hearing problems “Oh wow, definitely getting one for my little girl. She has her hearing aids since she was 2 months old. She is 5 now and would just love a Barbie that’s like her,”. Adults with hearing aids have also commented on the impact of this doll, and what it would have meant to their younger selves, “As a hearing-impaired woman, this is AMAZING! This would’ve meant everything to me as a child!!”

The doll will be available instore later this month.

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