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28 September 2022

Telstra, together with Field of Vision and the AFL, have announced a prototype that will allow low vision and blind Aussie Rules fans to follow the game.

The prototype includes a 3D printed layout of the field, with Braille bumps to show the action of the game, as detected by Telstra’s 5G network. A tactile steel ring will also be included as part of the model, which is able to spin quickly to match the intensity of noise from the field and fans.

Watch the video about the new technology for visually impaired and blind football fan

Currently, the best way for blind or vision-impaired fans to experience AFL is to use audio-only devices, such as headphones. For Shaun, a keen Western Bulldogs supporter, it makes for a lonely experience; “I experience it mainly through sound. I really rely on my headphones to visualise what is happening on the field. I find that very isolating.”

The device will completely change how blind and vision-impaired footy fans experience the game, with the prototype on its way to becoming a staple in Australian sport.

For more information, visit the article on the AFL website.