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30 May 2022

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022, TelstrAbilitiy members, employees representing people living with disabilities, launched the pop-up ‘Accessible Tech Experience Lab’. The movement follows the increased conversation around achieving inclusive design, highlighting the push for people living with disabilities to become proactively involved in the process of accomplishing digital accessibility.

“We never assume how people take their coffee, but always ask them how they want it, yet when it comes to the type of support that people with disabilities may need – which varies hugely between people and situations – we often assume that we know exactly how to support them.” – Brady March, Co-Founder of TelstrAbilitiy ERG.

Originally founded in 2019, TelstrAbilitiy was designed as a support group for employees living with a disability but quickly found traction as a mode of advocating, educating about WCAG guidelines, and establishing user testing facilities for the entire company on disability users’ needs.

Telstra technicians have worked collaboratively with six TelstrAbilitiy ERG members to create 4-5 unique simulations for unique challenges people with disabilities face. Users are able to experience first-hand the obstacles specific users have, before discussing the best solutions with TelstrAbilitiy experts.

CFA Australia worked closely with Telstra and other telecommunications providers through its Telcos for All project. CEO Dr Scott Hollier stated “It’s great to see Telstra’s accessibility journey continuing with such great hands-on support across the entire organisation.”

Additional information regarding the Telcos for All project can be found in the telecommunications sector report.