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28 March 2022

The United States of America (USA) Department of Justice (DoJ) has announced an update to its web accessibility guidance, in relation to Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This is a major step towards making universal web accessibility requirements easier to understand.

The recent DoJ press release stated that:

“The Department of Justice published guidance today on web accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It explains how state and local governments (entities covered by ADA Title II) and businesses open to the public (entities covered by ADA Title III) can make sure their websites are accessible to people with disabilities in line with the ADA’s requirements.”

Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.  Stated that “We have heard the calls from the public on the need for more guidance on web accessibility, particularly as our economy and society become increasingly digitized. This guidance will assist the public in understanding how to ensure that websites are accessible to people with disabilities. People with disabilities deserve to have an equal opportunity to access the services, goods and programs provided by government and businesses, including when offered or communicated through websites.”

The updated advice includes guidance on:

  • Why website accessibility matters
  • Examples of website accessibility barriers
  • When the ADA required web content to be accessible – Under state and local titles
  • Businesses that are open to the public – including hospitals, auditoriums, hotels etc.
  • How to make web content accessible to people with disabilities – Including links to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Section 508 Standards

There are also several “Sample Cases” with links to each discussing the issue and resolution. Some focus on specific businesses or institutions, others are more wide-ranging affecting state and national actions.

For further information, Check out the full press release from the Department of Justice:  The release includes:  A link to, the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division web accessibility guidance page and the Americans with Disabilities Act.