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16 March 2023

Finally joining other streaming services, such as Disney+, ParamountPlus and Prime Video, Netflix is giving its television viewers the option to customise the style and size of subtitles and closed captions. Subscribers can now choose from three sizes – small, medium and large – as well as between four styles, with or without drop shadows.

The colours include the default white text option, drop shadow (white text with black background), light (black text with white background), and contrast (yellow text with black background).

The character Wednesday Addams all in black, sits facing the camera in the back of a car. The caption on the bottom of the image says "your subtitles will look like this" and underneath are customisable options.

Viewers can access these customisable changes by going to Settings at the bottom of the screen while a show is playing, and then choosing Subtitle Size and Style. Currently this is not available for Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Thai and traditional Chinese.

This update is a significant change for viewers who are blind or with low vision, or who are deaf.

To read further about this update, please read techcrunch’s article on Netflix’s update.