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4 January 2024

A very light grey background. On the left is a smartphone with a picture of a smiling woman. On the right is a seeing AI app logo. Underneath is written Seeing AI app. On the bottom left are CFA Australia pixel logos.

Microsoft has expanded its innovative Seeing AI app, designed to assist people who are blind or have low vision, to Android devices. Launched in celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities, the app narrates the world for users by leveraging AI technology.

The Android version now supports 18 languages, with plans to increase to 36 languages in 2024. The latest features, previously available on iOS, include richer descriptions of photos and the ability to engage in a conversation with documents. Users can inquire about items on a menu, get the price of a receipt item, or request a summary of an article after scanning a document. The app also allows users to point the camera at objects, such as scenes, people, currency notes, and handwritten text, providing them with detailed audio descriptions.

Microsoft emphasizes the importance of user feedback for future AI-powered enhancements as additional versions of Seeing AI are rolled out. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, furthering Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility worldwide.

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