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3 January 2024

Image of a race-track, with a red sports car. Text says Forza Motorsport Accessibility.

Forza Motorsport is redefining the gaming experience by placing accessibility at the forefront. Turn 10 Studios has elevated the standard for racing games by introducing an array of features that create an inclusive environment for players with disability. The driving assist settings in Forza Motorsport cover a broad spectrum, from Blind Driving Assists tailored for gamers who are blind or with low vision, to fully remappable controls designed for users with mobility disability.

The Blind Driving Assists utilise auditory and verbal cues, guiding steering, indicating acceleration and deceleration, and even providing real-time position information on the track. Meanwhile, players with mobility disability can fully remap controls, utilising devices like the Xbox Adaptive Controller for a customised gaming experience.

This dedication to inclusivity builds upon Turn 10 Studios’ track record, with Forza Horizon 5 earning a Video Game Accessibility Award in 2021. Forza Motorsport, available on PC, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Series X|S, stands as a testament to the studio’s commitment to providing an accessible and enjoyable racing experience for players across a diverse spectrum of disability.

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