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2 May 2022

Microsoft has announced their latest Windows 11 operating system is rolling out new live-captioning features. The feature allows users who may be deaf, hard of hearing or users who like subtitles to easily access captions across all audio experiences and apps.

The feature works on web-based audio, allowing users to view auto-generated captions on websites and streaming services that do not support or provide captions.

However, the feature will only be applicable to users using Windows 11 at this time.  It is uncertain whether Microsoft will provide this feature for other older versions of Windows.  Given the large user base of Windows 10, users with disability are hoping that Microsoft will consider proving a similar update to its older operating system.

To enable the feature, go to the Accessibility settings, then to Hearing and then to captions where you’ll find the option.

For additional information read the article by Alex Atkin in TechRadar.