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21 November 2023

Image of a young woman wearing a light green jumper, smiling. She sits at a desk with a cup of coffee, notebooks and a laptop. On the top left are the Centre for Accessibility Australia pixels scattered.

Microsoft Edge has recently unveiled an innovative feature for users employing Bing AI. The latest addition, Edge Copilot, available in Canary and Dev versions, introduces an option to “read aloud” chat responses. Triggered by a speaker icon post-query, this feature allows transition from text to voice, with a convenient pause option during playback. Notably, this capability is part of a phased rollout, currently accessible to selected testers as Microsoft fine-tunes its functionality.

In parallel, Edge’s New Tab menu, specifically in the Canary version, is undergoing testing with the inclusion of a ‘Recently visited’ websites list at the panel’s bottom. This addition facilitates swift navigation back to recently viewed web pages, streamlining the user experience. While these features are in the early testing stages, they reflect Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to enhancing accessibility within Windows 11 and Edge.

For further information, refer to MSN’s article about Microsoft Edge.