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21 October 2022

To enhance the accessibility and inclusivity of their health products, global consumer health company Haleon has collaborated with Microsoft.  With the aim of making health product information more accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. Working together, the companies expanded upon the functionality of Microsoft’s Seeing AI app. This gives consumers more detailed information, with audio, for more than 1500 Haleon products in the US and the UK. These products include brands such as Centrum and Sensodyne.

Utilizing Seeing AI, consumers can now scan the bar code on Haleon products. Upon doing this, they are provided packaged details such as ingredients and usage instructions. The consumer is able to move ahead or back, to whatever section they wish to know about. Seeing AI scanner also plays audio cues to assist in finding the barcode.

Global Chief Marketing Officer at Haleon, Tamara Rogers, says, “There’s a classic health industry saying which is ‘Always read the label, always read the instructions’, and for some, that just isn’t possible.” This feature has been met with positive reviews for those who have tested it and will empower people to care for their own health independently.

Seeing AI is a free mobile app that can be downloaded from the Apple App store.

There is currently no Seeing AI app for Android users.  More information can be found at Yahoo News article.