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24 October 2022

During Google’s most recent Pixel event in New York, a slew of new tech features was released, including the debut of ‘Guided Frame’ – the latest accessible feature for people living with disability. Guided Frame, an Artificial Intelligence powered system, now available on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, assists people who are blind, and vision impaired to take ‘selfies’ of themselves with more ease.

To utilise this feature, users must first turn on TalkBack (the Google screen reader included on Android devices) on their phone’s settings by:

1 – Opening the phone’s settings app.

2 – Selecting the accessibility options.

3 – Pressing the TalkBack button. This can be turned on and off when desired.  

Then to use Guided Frame, users must:

1 – Open the Google camera app.

2 – Press the front camera button and hold it.

3 – To switch to selfie mode, double-tap the front camera button.

4 – Follow the vibrations or narrated instructions.

5 – The selfie will be taken by the camera app.

This feature comes in the form of a voice and literally helps guide the user. Guided Frame helps the user understand where they should hold the phone while holding the forward-facing camera. It will give advice on lifting the camera up or down or placing it at the right angle, and the shutter will automatically be triggered once the frame is properly positioned and will let the user know once it has been taken. The feature also includes a countdown for the user to pose, and as well as verbal cues it also offers vibration signals.

This is the latest feature Google has unveiled in its desire for inclusivity.

For more information read the article from Android Police on the Guided Frame feature.