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2 June 2023

Image logo of XBox, with a green background.

Microsoft has recently launched a new update for the Xbox App on Windows, introducing several valuable changes that prioritize accessibility. In addition to improvements in game cards and filtering options for the games library, the May update, as reported by Windows Central, focuses on revamping accessibility settings to ensure a more inclusive user experience.

The update brings accessibility settings together in a centralized menu, creating a one-stop hub for users to access various options within the Xbox app. For instance, new features include the ability to disable animations or background images, designed to eliminate unnecessary distractions that could affect individuals with specific accessibility needs. Moreover, the menu offers convenient shortcuts to other accessibility options, such as those related to Windows in general or the Xbox Game Bar, further enhancing the overall accessibility experience.

Additionally, the update introduces significant changes to game cards, providing users with more comprehensive information. Users can now quickly identify the typical duration of a game, pricing details, and relevant information regarding the title’s availability on Game Pass or potential removal from the service. These enhancements enable users, including those with disability, to make more informed decisions and stay up to date with the latest gaming offerings.

For more information, please read the MSN article.