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30 June 2022

Last year, Google created its ‘All In’ inclusive marketing toolkit. The aim of this resource was to make advertising published through Google more inclusive and representative of populations, guiding brands on appropriate representation based on disability, racial group, sexuality, gender and size. Google has now released a new free accessibility handbook that is included in its toolkit. This will help advertisers to implement accessibility into their ads and content from conception.

This project was created in collaboration with disability inclusion experts, Disability:IN and LaVant Consulting, and was endorsed by the American Association of Ad Agencies and the Ad Council.

Inclusive marketing means accessible marketing (Google Marketing Live 2022)

The handbook covers many of the assistive technologies that brands need to have in mind when creating content, including; screen readers, captions, keyboard navigation, voice control and colour modification. The handbook also covers appropriate language and intersectionality.

Google says: “While much has been done in the advertising industry in terms of inclusive marketing across genders and communities, there is still much to be done in terms of representation of people with disabilities: In many commercials, people with disabilities either don’t appear at all, they are reduced solely to their disability, or many ads are not accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments, for example.”

To find out more visit:

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