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30 June 2022

Designing and developing new apps and technology that is accessible is a challenging endeavour.  Recently, Apple held its Design Awards, and 12 designers were awarded the Apple Cube, with two of the winners being Australian women.

Clair D’Este, Chief Product Officer for Procreate was one of the winners.  The app can be used for designing and illustrating projects which can be used on the Apple iPad.   Along with the ability to work in 16 languages, some of the accessibility features of this app are:

  • Advanced accessibility features, including Motion filtering, for artists with tremors
  • Single touch Gestures for those with limited hand mobility
  • Colour Cards and Notifications to help people who have low vision

Insert video of Procreate Video of How To Use Procreate For Beginners (and everything I use it for) – YouTube

The Wylde Flower game was created by Amanda Schofield. Amanda has incorporated a wide range of characters who are age, culturally and socially diverse. Incorporating, LGBTQIA+ representative characters to players with a witchy twist. The game lets you create a unique world, and interact with the characters including tasks such as  growing plants and selling produce.

Insert video of Wylde Flower Video of 🍃 Wylde Flowers 🍃 — Coming to Nintendo Switch & Steam in 2022 — Full Trailer – YouTube

In her interview after accepting the award on behalf of Procreate, Ms D’Este said: “It can mean just something as simple as when someone increase the text size that it increases, or for people who need VoiceOver (Apple’s technology that reads the text and buttons on screen for those with visual impairment) instead of being able to read text that it’s there, but we just kept trying to bring as many people in as we could”.

This is the 3rd Apple Awards since they were created in 2020, in which Apple have awarded and encouraged developers, and creators for to strive to improve their content.  There are 6 categories within the Apple Design awards.

  • Interaction
  • Innovation
  • Social impact
  • Inclusiveness
  • Visual and Graphics
  • Fun

Procreate and Wylde Flowers shared the win in the Inclusiveness Award category.  For more information:

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