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25 October 2022

With Apple pushing for accessibility with the release of the new WatchOS 9 operating system for Apple Watch, comes a new software update featuring Quick Actions – building on the technology behind Assistive Touch.

Users when utilising Quick Actions are able to respond to alerts with hand gestures and arm movements. These alerts include answering or ending a phone call, snoozing an alarm, playing or pausing media and many more. This innovation will benefit those specifically who live with upper limb physical disability, giving them options to control their Apple Watch with pinches or gestures, without the need to tap the screen.

To enable this feature, users need to:

1 – On the Apple iPhone, open the watch application.

2 – Tap on the “Accessibility” option when the app opens.

3 – Under the “Motor” section, tap on the “Quick Actions” option.

4 – On the next screen, from the list, choose either the “On” option or “When AssistiveTouch is Enabled”.

Once completed, the Apple Watch feature will be enabled using your iphone connection.

To read further about this tech update, please read the Mobigyaan article on how to enable Quick Actions.