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16 May 2023

Image of the Firefox logo with 113 enlarged behind it.

Facing rising web browser competition, the Firefox accessibility team has released its Firefox 113 user interface (UI). This has come about through extensive recoding of Firefox’s accessibility features, which is now available to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android users.

Previously, Firefox’s UI ran on “multiple isolated processes”, to the detriment of screen reader users. This meant that screen readers had to perform a great deal of time-consuming effort to acquire and convey data to users because of the numerous distinct processes. Firefox has now enabled screen readers to access a “cache of all tab and browser UI material” in Firefox’s main processes, making it effective and simple to use. In addition to this, Firefox now operates up to 20 times quicker.

Firefox has also set up a portal where users in the community may share their ideas on the betterment of accessibility features.

For more information, please read Asa Dotzlers’ article on behalf of the Firefox accessibility team.