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3 February 2023

Dropped on Playstation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S in the last week in January, the first release in the Dead Space series since 2013’s Dead Space 3, has not only received universal acclaim because of the game itself, but also for the amount of accessibility options that are available for gamers with disability.

Christian Cimon, Lead Senior Experience Designer of Game Developer Motive, acknowledged that when Dead Space was first released fifteen years ago, “accessibility features were less common.”

He is excited for Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) to have included the following accessibility options in the newest release.

Image from Dead Space.  Dark setting with metallic robot with bright green lines in the helmet, background foggy with steam

They include the following customisation options:

Subtitles: Players, as well as enabling and disabling subtitles, have the option to invert the colours of the text and the background, adjust font size, enable all-caps style, and choose whether to show names in different colours than the rest of the text.

Aim Assistance: Players can choose to adjust how long the cameras focus on targeting enemies as well as slow down camera movements.

Colourblind Mode: Colour contrast levels can be adjusted.

Motion: Players can turn off camera shake.

Menu Options: Adjustable narration volume is available as well as the option for menus to be narrated.

This has been part of EA’s recent commitment to accessibility in gaming, alongside their accessibility patent pledge, providing free-access to accessibility-related patents and technology. This looks to be a welcoming first step to further exciting developments.

To find out more, check out EA’s article on accessibility in Dead Space.