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27 June 2023

An image of a grey sportscar on a racing track.

The popular Xbox video gaming series, Forza Motorsport, has recently introduced Blind Driving Assist mode to its newest game, making what Microsoft is calling the most accessible Forza Motorsport ever.

The addition of Blind Driving Assists offers a range of detailed audio cues to increase accessibility for players who are blind or with low vision. This includes detailed audio descriptions on the players’ positions in the game and assisted sounds to alert the player of turns on the racetrack and when to change gears. The game also implemented other new features such as one-touch driving and text-to-speech/speech-to-text features.

These additions will allow players with disability to fully enjoy the ultra-realistic racing gameplay. Forza Motorsport now has the potential to be played by a wider range of gamers, including “blind players who may have never had the opportunity to drive a car in real life.”

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