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22 July 2022

Samsung has just announced its newest digital watch. The Samsung One UI Watch4.5 will sit on top of the WearOS 3.5, providing a host of new features. Some of the great new accessibility features include the ability of users to adjust the hue of the screen, helpful for those with colour blindness, and increased contrast to make text easier to read. They are also introducing reduced transparency and blur effects, and are removing animations, to be more user friendly to those with a visual impairment.

There is also now better auditory assistance, users will be able to balance their audio between their left and right headphones for ideal output.

This new product also promises improved convenience and customizability, for example, the accessibility menu is much easier to find – no longer being buried in settings. Improved convenience will of course make it easier again for people with disability to use.

For more information, visit: Samsung website