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24 May 2022

In the celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Netflix announced its expansion on accessibility features;  launching a special collection highlighting stories focusing on people who live with a disability. This category is called “Celebrating Disability with Dimension”.

Like the current feature available on Netflix, the function will pull content from Netflix’s catalogue of existing content, with the aim of promoting its visibility as users browse the service. Furthermore, Netflix is improving their audio descriptions and subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing by adding more languages; including Spanish, French, Korean, and Portuguese.

Heather Dowdy, Netflix’s director of accessibility mentions that while providing features for those who need them is the core of her work, one of the big reasons that the platform plans to expand their feature is because more subscribers are watching content from across the globe.

In a video titled “9 to 5 with Heather Dowdy”, she tells her story about how she came to be the Director of Product Accessibility at Netflix. Heather Dowdy, who herself is a CODA, explained that Netflix also works with members of the disability community to develop stronger guidelines for audio descriptions, and make the platform’s approach to accessibility more inclusive.

To watch “9 to 5 with Heather Dowdy”,  visit Netflix’s YouTube page.

Check out Celebrating Disability with Dimension is available on Netflix website.

To read the article by Charles Pulliam-Moore visit – the Microsoft News website