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5 June 2024

Image is of the City of Reno flag. Alongside is a scientist tweaking hearing devices.

The City of Reno has recently introduced two innovative devices aimed at enhancing accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. These devices, the UbiDuo 3 and Listen EVERYWHERE, offer new avenues for communication and engagement with city officials, as well as improved access to meetings and court proceedings.

The UbiDuo 3 facilitates real-time communication through two-way keyboards, eliminating the need for sign language interpreters in certain situations. This device is available at specific locations within City Hall, making it easier for individuals to interact with staff and officials.

Meanwhile, Listen EVERYWHERE is an assistive listening app accessible via smartphone. Users can connect to “Assistive Listening” Wi-Fi during public meetings at City Hall or court meetings at the Reno Municipal Court. Additionally, receivers are available for those without smartphones, ensuring inclusivity for all attendees.

Cynthia Esparza, Chief Equity and Community Relations Officer, emphasised the significance of these advancements in enhancing local government access. “These two pieces of technology represent another step in our commitment to enhance local government access,” she stated. “We are always exploring avenues to do better, and we are proud to remove a couple of barriers with UbiDuo 3 devices and Listen EVERYWHERE.”

While these developments are specific to Reno, they underscore a broader trend towards accessibility in government services. In Australia, where similar initiatives are gaining traction, the adoption of such technologies could significantly improve engagement and participation among individuals with disability. By embracing innovative solutions like the UbiDuo 3 and Listen EVERYWHERE, Australian municipalities can create more inclusive environments and foster greater civic involvement.

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