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27 February 2024

Image of Electronic Arts (EA) logo.

Electronic Arts (EA) continues its stride toward inclusivity in gaming with the addition of four new patents to its accessibility pledge. Vice President Farah Ali unveiled this expansion, reaffirming EA’s dedication to accommodating players with disability.

The latest patents encompass features aimed at enhancing gaming experiences:

  1. Automated Player Control Taker: Seamlessly transitions control to a system-operated character when a user disengages from the game, mimicking their gameplay style.
  2. Adaptive Gaming Tutorial System: Provides personalized guidance on in-game commands, assisting users in overcoming potential barriers.
  3. Route Navigation System: Generates navigation cues and display aids to aid players in navigating expansive virtual worlds, catering to cognitive and visual accessibility needs.
  4. Animated and Personalized Coach for Video Games: Offers both in-game and out-of-game insights to enhance player performance and overall enjoyment.

This expansion builds upon EA’s previous commitments, which began in 2021 with the introduction of five patents under the Accessibility First Patent Pledge. In December 2022, six additional patents were added to the portfolio, further solidifying EA’s dedication to accessibility.

Additionally, in a significant move for accessibility, EA made its photosensitivity analysis tool, IRIS, open source in December 2023, encouraging accessibility advancements within the gaming community.

With these initiatives, EA continues to pioneer accessibility standards in gaming, ensuring that all players can fully engage and enjoy their gaming experiences.

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