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29 June 2023

Image of ACCAN logo.

The Centre for Accessibility Australia (CFA Australia) has generously been awarded an Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) grant to support a project aimed at enhancing support for consumers with disability in mobile plan cancellations. The grant, received as part of a recent funding announcement alongside several other successful applicants, will enable CFA Australia to address the lack of accessible processes in cancelling mobile plans.

Consumers with disability have expressed concerns about the limited options available for cancelling mobile plans, with text-based AI chatbots being the primary support channel. To tackle this issue, the project will thoroughly assess the support and cancellation processes of all Australian mobile SIM providers.

The project’s main goal is to identify areas for improvement and create targeted resources for disability groups, empowering individuals with disability to navigate the cancellation process more effectively. By engaging with consumers and conducting evaluations, CFA Australia aims to provide practical guidance.

In addition to benefiting consumers, the project seeks to drive positive change within the telecommunications industry. Collaborating with telecommunication companies, CFA Australia will offer guidance and recommendations to enhance support services, fostering greater accessibility and inclusivity.

The other successful applicant grants are:

Griffith University who are researching smartphone sharing in intimate relationships to improve cybersecurity measures for consumers.

Western Sydney University who aims to Address the digital divide among Indigenous people in Western Sydney.

Deakin University who aim to explore the definition of communication in the digital era and its implications for consumer protections.

Digital Literacy Foundation who wish to provide face-to-face digital mentoring services in the Hawkesbury region to increase access to online information and services for older residents.

Deaf Australia who are updating the Auslan translation guidelines to reflect current needs and consider emerging Auslan-first products.

South Australian Council on Intellectual Disability who are developing accessible online safety training resources for people with intellectual disability through a co-design approach.

CFA Australia wishes to thank ACCAN for their generous grant. If you wish to find out more about the various projects of the successful applicants, please refer to the ACCAN website.