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13 August 2021

CFA Australia today launches its Telco’s for All video, celebrating the great work that the telecommunications sector has done in addressing accessibility issues on their websites and apps. 

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) funded the Telco’s for All project to address the accessibility challenges faced by people with disability in accessing usage, billing and plan information. The project consisted of auditing the websites and apps of Telstra, Optus, amaysim, Vodafone and Belong to determine accessibility issues, and then supporting the sector in addressing these issues through a sector-wide workshop. This video marks the culmination of the project, and anecdotal feedback suggests that the changes have made a difference to consumers with disability. 

Dr Scott Hollier, CEO of CFA Australia, said, ‘The video showcases how powerful the message of digital access can be when a sector unifies around supporting people with disability and addresses accessibility issues. As a result, we’re hearing that the experience of buying phone plans, accessing usage information and billing is getting easier thanks to that support.’