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9 January 2023

Taking place in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the year’s biggest event for all things digital and gadgetry to showcase up and coming products and concepts which will become available to the public in the near future. This year has released some exciting possibilities for accessibility.

Here are some of the top picks we at CFA Australia have eagerly noticed.

Samsung’s Flex Hybrid OLED mobile Screen.

Samsung has announced a new mobile device concept for their screens, called the Flex Hybrid OLED. At last year’s CES event, Samsung showcased their displays being able to fold in all sorts of different ways, and this year they have combined this with an added trick – the left side of the device can fold, while the right side can also slide out to extend itself. This changes both the size and the aspect ratio, transforming this into a widescreen device. This innovation opens up a world of possibilities for people with disability, especially for people who are vision impaired who need bigger screens. This is one step closer for users with disability to have a bigger screen that is much easier to carry around.

New 13th Gen Intel Chips for Gaming.

Not just new devices, but new hardware was also announced, which is good news for gamers with disability. Intel revealed the 13th Gen Intel Core P-Series and U-Series mobile processes, for thin ultralight laptops. This includes IrisX graphics for gaming and also chips with memory support for DDR4, DDR5 and LP Variants. A good example is the Alienware X14 laptop. This innovation is bridging the gap for gamers with disability, as these devices are becoming lighter, it is opening up more entertainment and gaming options.

Kohler’s Sprig Shower System

Kohler, collaborating with Sprig, has devised a crossover between wellness and technology. It is a system that is an uncomplicated attachable gadget to your showerhead that adds an aromatherapy of natural, calming scents. Once the showerhead is attached, a scent of vitamin infusion pod will be released for several minutes. These are available in scents such as eucalyptus and lavender. This idea could possibly evolve into further personal care possibilities for people with disability, including deodorant, perfume or aftershave.

MYdys App from Assistive Tech FACIL’iti.

For both children and adults living with Dyslexia, FACIL’iti launched a new dyslexia solutions app, called MYdys, it uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, enabling users to customize captured textual content from all sorts of mediums and adapt it to their individual needs. Customisations include adjustable font sizes, compatibility to complex languages such as Latin, and high-lighting and colour coding of words.

Project Leonardo, a Playstation 5 accessibility Controller.

Probably the most exciting announcement for gamers with disability all over the world, Playstation has decided to share their new accessibility controller kit, named Project Leonardo. With consultation from video game accessibility advocates AbleGamers and SpecialEffect. We look forward to writing more about this in an article all on its own. Stay tuned!

That is just some of our picks for this year’s CES 2023 showcase. For more coverage, please refer to CNET’s list of their Top 10. Best on show