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7 June 2018

The Centre for Accessibility Australia was launched at the DADAA Fremantle Hub yesterday by the Honourable Stephen Dawson, Minister for Disability Services and Environment. The audience was treated to screen reader and assistive technology demonstrations with Dr Scott Hollier and Grace King and were able to learn more about the Centre and the contribution that it can make to improving digital access for everyone.

The Centre’s online platform will connect people on a daily basis, by providing a wide range of services – tool kits, resources and engagement programs – that will support improved access and participation by Western Australians with disability. This development phase has been supported by an ILC (Information, Linkages & Capacity Building) grant.

The project partners – DADAA, Digital Access Specialist Dr Scott Hollier and design agency Media on Mars – will work to deliver the Centre and statewide training across WA. We are extremely happy that the Centre For Accessibility Australia has been started at the same time as the NDIS rolls out across Australia. Australians with disability are for the first time emancipated in that they have the resources in their pocket. They have choices in the decisions that they want to make over their lives.

We look forward to linking partners, participants and co-drivers into this project, so that the Centre For Accessibility Australia can flourish in to the future, with the support and input of the many who work in the field of access.

Audience of 140+ people attending the Centre For Accessibility Australia launch