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11 July 2024

Image is of a young woman holding an iphone. Text says iOS 18.

Apple has announced a new feature to combat motion sickness for iPhone users. The feature, called “Vehicle Motion Cues”, available in the upcoming iOS 18 update, aims to alleviate nausea caused by the mismatch between what our eyes see and what our body feels while using iPhones or iPads in moving vehicles.

According to Apple, research has shown that this sensory conflict often leads to discomfort. To address this, Vehicle Motion Cues adds on-screen visuals that reflect real-time vehicle movement, reducing this sensory conflict. Animated dots on the screen’s edges represent changes in vehicle motion, helping to minimise sensory conflict without interfering with content. This has the potential to benefit a diverse range of disability, including people with mobility related disability, chronic migraines, and the neurodiverse community. 

To enable this feature, users can follow these steps:

– Go to Settings, then select Accessibility, and then select Motion.
– Enable Vehicle Motion Cues
– Customise Control Center to add the feature
– Choose automatic activation or manual control

This feature will be available exclusively for users running iOS 18, expected to roll out later this year. For more information, please read msn’s article on Apple’s new feature to help with motion sickness.