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28 February 2022

Forbes magazine recently published an article online, written by Andrew Pulrung called, 4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About Disability.  The article focuses on the frustration people with a disability have accessing businesses both online and at physical locations.

Mr Pulrung points out that although some businesses do the bare minimum to “comply” with regulation standards, digital and physical accessibility issues are still a major problem.  Within each of the four reasons why businesses should care about people with disability, he gives examples of situations people have faced.  Mr Pulrung also points out, that businesses can lose customers who are friends and family of disabled people who have accessibility difficulties.

The four major reasons discussed in the article are:

  • A large percentage of the population has a disability. – Around 15% of the world’s population has a disability
  • Disabled people are customers and employees
  • Customers and employees who aren’t disabled have friends and relatives who are.
  • Anyone can become disabled at any time

You can read  4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About Disability Issues by Mr Pulrung.

For further information, read more about the World Health Organisations’ information on disability. You can also find out more by Watching our video to hear from some local people who have experienced difficulty accessing businesses.