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16 February 2024

The BindiMaps logo set across a dark blue background.

BindiMaps, a Sydney-based digital accessible wayfinding startup, has launched its navigation app and platform at the Westpac OpenAir cinema. Aimed at enhancing the cinema experience for attendees who are blind or with low vision, the innovative app provides real-time navigation information through audio, text, or map cues, offering optimised audio directions.

Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Anna Wright, motivated by her own journey with disability, launched BindiMaps in 2017 to revolutionise navigation for individuals of all abilities. The platform, known as “BindiWeb,” offers an interactive online map allowing moviegoers to access wheelchair-friendly routes and directions within the cinema, facilitating ease of access for all patrons.

Partnering with Westpac, the initiative extends beyond navigation enhancements. The OpenAir cinema will feature tailored amenities including more accessible seating, tactile and braille signage, companion cards, and increased availability of subtitled movies. BindiMaps will also play a prominent role during the premiere of TOUCH, Australia’s first feature-length film for individuals with low vision and blindness, further amplifying inclusivity efforts.

Dr. Wright expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting BindiMaps’ mission to empower individuals with disability to navigate environments with confidence. Majella Knobel, Westpac’s Head of Access and Inclusion, emphasized the aim to set a new standard for accessibility and inclusion in the industry, hoping to inspire similar initiatives across Australia’s vibrant arts and cultural scene.

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