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30 January 2024

Australia breaks new ground in cinema with the premiere of “TOUCH,” the country’s first-ever feature-length ‘motion picture without pictures.’ Produced by MasterCard in collaboration with Westpac, this immersive cinematic experience challenges traditional storytelling by relying solely on audio to follow the journey of Ben trapped in his father’s consciousness.

The groundbreaking concept, aimed at making cinema more inclusive for the blind, was both daunting and exciting for award-winning filmmaker Tony Krawitz.

Collaborating with an inclusive cast and crew, including members with low vision, the film redefines the cinema experience, prioritizing sounds and emotions over visuals. Premiering next month, “TOUCH” promises a unique journey for everyone, with all ticket proceeds from the Sydney premiere on February 13 donated to Blind Citizens Australia, marking a significant step toward a more inclusive film industry.

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