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14 July 2022

Apple will be introducing a number of helpful accessibility features in the near future as showcased in the beta version of WatchHOS9, coming to the Series 4 Apple Watch.

The accessibility improvements are largely focused on integration between the iPhone and the Apple Watch, allowing the iPhone to have greater control on adjusting the features on the Apple Watch. This includes voice control and switch control on the iPhone to make changes on the Watch. However, it’s the screen mirroring function that steals the show by allowing iPhone users to see the Watch settings on the larger iPhone screen.

Lexy Savvies from CNET magazine online has reviewed the updates in her article titled: WatchOS 9: The Best New Apple Watch Features from the Public Beta. In the article, Ms Savvides reports one of the more exciting accessibility upgrades is the Apple Watch Mirroring. One of the game-changing upgrades now allows you to mirror Apple Watch on the iPhone. Ms Savvides said, “So you can control every aspect of the watch by touching the larger iPhone screen. It even lets you use the digital crown and side button, too.” This will make it easier for users to make changes on a larger, easier-to-see screen.

Watch OS9 Video

WatchOS9 Features include

  • 4 new faces – Lunar, Play Time, Metropolitan and Astronomy
  • Workout App updates –Hit the ground running, Swimming enhancement, Fitness, and workouts
  • Sleep insights – Like time asleep, alongside additional metrics, like heart rate and respiratory rate
  • Medications – Allows you to keep a medicine list, and reminders to take medications

Additional updates include:

  • Family set up – Supports Home app
  • Quick Actions – Builds on the innovative technology used in AssistiveTouch on Apple Watch,
  • Apple Watch Mirroring – helps users control Apple Watch remotely from their paired iPhone.
  • QWERTY Keyboard, with 7 language options
  • Regularly used apps promoted over the others

The updates are likely to arrive on Series 4 Apple Watch devices in the coming months.

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