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22 May 2024

Apple has unveiled a suite of new accessibility features set to launch with iOS 18. Leading the updates is Eye Tracking, allowing users with physical disability to control their iPhone or iPad using only their gaze. This feature uses the front-facing camera to detect eye movement, enabling navigation without touch input.

Other notable additions include Music Haptics, which lets users who are deaf or hard of hearing feel synchronized vibrations with their music, and Vehicle Motion Cues, which reduces motion sickness by displaying animated dots that move with the vehicle.

Vocal Shortcuts allows custom spoken phrases to trigger complex actions, while the “Listen for Atypical Speech” mode enhances dictation accuracy for users with speech disability. CarPlay will now support Voice Control, Colour Filters, and Sound Recognition. Additional improvements include new VoiceOver voices, Hover Typing, and enhanced Braille input.

These features will be officially presented at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. For more information please read Apple’s Press Released.