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3 July 2024

W3C logo with the tagline 'Accessibility: It's about people' displayed below it. The image features small colourful square icons on the left and right borders.The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has recently released their latest resource update titled, “Accessibility: It’s about people”, in which a collection of educational videos focused on improving digital accessibility is featured.

By viewing these videos, developers, designers and other content creators of digital products may better understand the significance of digital accessibility and why such inclusivity is so important, through the perspective of users with disability, including individuals with age-related impairments.

These updated resources are divided into three sections; in the first, the process of how individuals with disability navigate and engage with the web is discussed, highlighting a diverse range of experiences by people with different stories and disabilities to emphasise the need accessible design online practices that are all-inclusive.

The next resource addresses the different causes and varying degrees of auditory, cognitive, physical, speech and visual disabilities individuals may face, with the uniqueness of each experience being emphasised. Common barriers arising from inaccessible technologies and platforms are also identified.

The third section provides educational insight into the many tools and practices that may empower users with disability to better interact with digital platforms, such as with the employment of assistive technologies.

By continuing to increase awareness and offer practical guidance within the subject of digital inclusivity, W3C remains a leader in promoting such efforts, establishing a benchmark for accessibility standards across the web in today’s modern era, where everyone should not be denied equal opportunity to digital assets.

For more information, please read W3C’s article on how people with disability use the web.