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27 January 2023

Four seats have been filled with newly elected participants, by the W3C Advisory Committee, in a special election by the W3C advisory board.

These new members are – Qing An from Alibaba Group, Tantek Celik from Mozilla Foundation, Elika J Etemad from W3C Invited Expert, and Charles Nevile from ConsenSys.

They join continuing Advisory Board fellows, Heejin Chung from Samsung, Wei Ding from Huawei, Tatsuya Igarashi from Sony, Florian Rivoal from W3C Invited Expert, Tzviya Siegman from Wiley, Avneesh Singh from DAISY Consortium, and Chris Wilson from Google.

The Advisory Board was introduced in March 1998, and provides guidance on an ongoing basis to the W3C Team on such matters as strategy, legalities, management, etc.

The Advisory Board members participate as individual contributors and not as representatives of their organisations.

Read the official statement by W3C’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Coralie Mercier.